Hi All,
I've been dragging my feet a bit on getting this survey completed and put
out there, but I think we're now ready to get some real feedback. We will
be accepting responses to this survey for about the next two weeks. I'm not
going to be super specific about the timing of it, but at some point after
two weeks has passed we will disable responses and start reviewing the

Q: Who can take this survey?
A: Anyone who is familiar with PHP 7 and feels like they have a stake in
this should add a response to this survey.

Q: Should I research PHP 7 first?
A: It's important that you know all of the syntax and features that we plan
to be defining so you will do well by doing your research first.

Q: Do I need to read through PSR-12 first?
A: You certainly should. We do copy relevant text out directly from the
PSR-12 documents into the survey so you can likely get through this survey
without studying PSR-12 too hard.

Q: Why do you ask for my full name?
A: So that we can differentiate one reply from the next. A project
representative may reply to the form twice, once for the project and once
for themselves. If this makes you uncomfortable, feel free to put a handle
in instead. Try to make it unique.

Q: Why do you ask for my email?
A: If we have any kind of misunderstanding or want to get more information
we might shoot you an email. If this isn't something you want to share
please do not share it.

Q: I'm a jokester, wouldn't it be funny if I made a joke response?
A: Please oh please do not make me sort through joke / fake replies :(

We hope to get a good idea of what the public, projects, and
representatives think about what we have put together. We ask that you
respond only once unless you are also a representative of a project in the
PHP-FIG and ask that you read all directions in the survey carefully.

After we've had time to sift through the results, we will post a summary on
the list and post an anonymized list of responses that can be seen by all.

Please take this survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/SonvjwqicPoBBwwl1


Thanks for taking the time to respond!
Korvin & the PSR-12 team

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