The PSR will follow its normal course: the WG has already discussed a few 
thing that are needed to be fixed, and appropriate PRs will be submitted. 
After that, a new review vote will be held, and the PSR will go back into 
review phase.

Il giorno mercoledì 16 maggio 2018 05:42:24 UTC+2, Adrien Crivelli ha 
> This is a good news. I hope that this new draft status will allow us to 
> focus on *simplicity and consistency* within the spec (as opposed to with 
> existing code base). Even if that means "breaking" code out there, or even 
> breaking with PSR-2. This would be for the best in the long term. Of course 
> the `declare()` whitespace comes to mind, but I am sure that there other 
> things.
> Is there any specific plan on what the next move will be ? and who should 
> be involved ? and how ?

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