Hey List-

Any one have some input on some good GUI WYSIWYG devel enviroments for 
creating PHP "scriptlets". The boss wants to lose the dependancy on the 2 
"programmers" (myself and another person) for every little piece of PHP code. 
Of course, the graphic designers have no desire to learn source code, so we 
have to see if there are any WYSIWYG's out there that will allow them to 
create code chunks to either do webforms or handle simple variable passing 
between pages?

My argument is that it is to wide "open" and there are too many variables that 
need to be taken into account for this to happen.

We did look at Dreamweaver MX, but it's PHP support is limited to syntax 
highlighting and being able to insert if and else clauses. I'd tell'em to use 
gvim, but I don't think that would fly :) The boss says there are some 
Dreamweaver extensions for doing some of this stuff, but I still question 
their quality for open ended stuff like writing PHP.




Henrik Hudson

You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky
rocket ship underpants don't help."  Calvin

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