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Subject: [PHP] problem with page loading

> Hello!
> I am working on a site that I thought was working just fine - I tested it
> in Netscape 7 and IE.  However, several people trying to access it using
> Netscape 4.7 have been having problems.  Specifically, there is a search
> that returns linked results.  The link transfers the result's id to the
> page that displays all of the data.  That works fine IF the result person
> has no books assigned to them.  If they do, the page is blank.  However,
> if you hit return or refresh the page, everything shows up fine.  If you
> view the source, all of the info is there, but it's just not displaying.
> Here is the link to the site:
> http://tillergroup.com/test/
> This person has a book, and therefore produces the problem (on Netscape
> 4.7):
> http://tillergroup.com/test/speaker_full.php?speaker_id=29
> This person does not have a book, and the page loads fine without
> refreshing:
> http://tillergroup.com/test/speaker_full.php?speaker_id=60
> The page is huge, so I hate to send the code for the whole page unless
> someone wants to see it.
> I am desperate for help!
> Thanks!!
> Amanda

Well I can tell you that you're commenting out the lower half of the page
source with this..  <!--NETSCAPE--!>.  The correct syntax for HTML comments
is <!-- code -->.  I can also tell you that your first table is invalid.
Apparently it doesn't have a closing tag but that's as much as my validator
will tell me.

Perhaps these problems are associated with the missing info?

- Kevin

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