> I require a complete installation package if possible.  I am operating
> XP Pro, but unfortunately not IIS.  The problems that I have experienced
> trying to obtain IIS has made me decide to use Apache as my web server
> along with PHP and MySQL.

> Please would you provide a direct link that will allow a complete
> installation of the three so that I can begin working on my Website?  I
> have visited the website and installation page, although a good
> advertisement for a complete packageis present there is no way to
> download the files.

Foxserv is good one:

> A second question I have; I have Studio MX (Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX,
> Fireworks etc), within a menu there is an option to select PHP pages
> (build a PHP page etc)  does this mean that I can design my page in
> Dreamweaver then as I would have the installation (as above) I could
> then view my pages?
Yes. You must put the php files inside your DocumentRoot of your apache
installation. Dreamweaver can be used to design PHP Pages.

NIkunj Virani

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