here is a real example:

$fp = fopen ("";, "r");
while (!feof($fp)) {
       echo fgets ($fp,4096);

this works fine...

if you try it with https you'll get an error - file not found from php

if you try the same url with https in the any browser you wont have any

can somebody explain where to look at - i do have open ssl compiled within
php and everything else works fine -

php 4.3.1 *  openssl  0.9.6h * apache 1.3.27 on FreeBSD 4.6

i got a response earlier from a list member pointing out a security
vulnerability for this version of openssl. how can that influence the
fopen()'s https request, if at all?

how exactly is the https request from fopen() passed to the ssl?
if the ssl works through the broser what can be the reasons that it would
not through php's fopen() or fsockopen()....

will going back to php 4.3.0 help? or getting another (newer/older)

i am desperate for a solution.....


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