Hi, Im having this problem:

I set a cookie using this:

                        $sql = "UPDATE member SET cookie=$cookie WHERE
                          "id = $this->id";
                        $cookie =
urlencode(serialize(array($_SESSION['username'], $cookie)));
                        setcookie('auth', $cookie, time() + 31104000,
'/', 'www.reddast.is');

And then when I check the cookie using this:

                list($username, $cookie) =

using this query:

                "SELECT * FROM member WHERE (username = $username) AND
(cookie = $cookie)";

it looks like this when I debug the script and see the actual query that
is sent to Mysql:

                "SELECT * FROM member WHERE (username = 'ofjord') AND
(cookie = '\'86aa5f7e6469efe09a17089957f59b0f\'')";

I hope someone has any answers on this.

Best regards,
Svar fjr Magnsson

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