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|At 7/8/2003 03:30 AM, Hiren Mehta wrote:
| > Thnx alot guys.... You have been of great help :D
|And don't forget this list! There are a lot of really talented people on
|this list, so if you're trying to figure something out and haven't been
|able to find an answer on your own, don't hesitate to ask here.
|I've learned a lot just by reading the threads started by other people;
|more often than not, someone has already asked or is in the process of
|asking questions about the exact same problem I'm working on.


|S. Keller

After coding for a while, I would suggest that while you're reading
through coding excercises, you find a coding style that works for you and
keep it consistant. One of the least fun parts of creating your php pages
is reading some code that you coded months (years) ago, and it's totally
out of style with everything else that you're doing.

One good place is the "Official Pear Coding Standard:"

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