Yes all these things I know, because already I'm running these two servers,
but both with PHP4.
But now I came accros the problem of "php4ts.dll". Because in both versiones
it has the same name. And if I have the old one my \WINNT\SYSTEM32 the
server which is running PHP5 won't start, and if i put there the newer one
the one with PHP4 won't start. That's my problem. Do you know how to solve


Milan Reznicek
Software Developer

"Burhan Khalid" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On Tuesday, July 8, 2003, 8:42:16 PM, Milan wrote:
> MR>     is there any posibility to run PHP4 and PHP5 at one machine, with
> MR> Apache servers running at the same time.
> MR> Windows 2000 SP3
> MR> Apache 1.3.27/PHP 4.3.0
> MR> Apache 2.0.46/PHP 5.0.0b1
> Yes it is possible. If you want both of the servers to be running at
> one time, then you'll have to change the Listen directive on one of
> them, since both will default to port 80. So, change one to something
> else, like 8080. Then access it with the port number
> http://address:port
> As far as the PHP install goes, you can have two PHP installs (one for
> each server), you just have to make sure where the .ini files are
> stored, and that the configuration directives for PHP (such as
> LoadModule, etc.) point to the right direction for each server.
> I also believe that the Apache Service Monitor can handle more than
> one Apache install, so you'll have a convienient place to control your
> servers.
> --
> Regards,
> Burhan Khalid
> phplist[at]meidomus[dot]com

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