> Hi,
> I have to convince one guy to not move our site from Linux box where
> it runs with Apache/PHP + MySQL to Windows box where it's going to deal
> with Windows 2k/IIS/PHP(CGI) + MySQL and I need really good arguments,
> cause it's only way I can convince him (cause his position in company
> is much stronger than mine).

> I know that PHP under windows is intended to be used only as test
> platform, but this is not enough to convince him.

Perhaps back when php3 was new and apache was strugling with windows,
it was considered test platform.

> Can you help me? I need some reasons like things that won't work under
> windows version of PHP (or at least MySQL) and that are not easy to
> fix. I've already found that IIS doesn't provide
> $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] but it's not too much work to fix that..

Its kind of difficult to come up with reasons not to use IIS without
knowledge of:

  1. Who and what experience does he(she) have in administrating these
     Windows servers.

  2. What kind of application do you intend write in php.

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