Here its the scenario:

i have a table with campo1x, campo1y, campo2x, campo3y, ..... campo10x,
campo10y on the table ejes

so what i need to do is to split an array that i send to this page on php ..
and include the values on this fields (but only on the fields that the $num
its writen)
(this is make by this way because the data is from flash)


$propiedades= array("x","y");

// this values came from a $_POST (not now but they will)

$ejey ="1,2,3,4";
$ejex = "1,3,22,4";
$num= "1,2,5,7";

$valx = split(",", $ejex);
$valy = split(",", $ejey);
$numo= split(",", $num);

for ($i = 0; $i < count($numo) ; $i++) {
     for ($e = 0; $e < 2 ; $e++) {

                // here its campo1x so then on the update i know wich field i have to
                // the problem is that i dont know how can i retrive the value of $valx
and $valy
            // this is OK .. because i know the name of the field that i
have to update... my problem is to catch the value !
                        $a="campo" .$numo[$i] . $propiedades[$e];

             /* this is WRONG ! i need $valy[0] or $valx[0] values checking
with $propiedades[$e]

                 $b="\$val" . $propiedades[$e]. [$e];


                // wrong the $b
                $result2 = mysql_query("UPDATE ejes SET $a='$b'", $Connect);



Hope some good programmer can help me..
Wan Chan

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