However, this works using:


$text="blah blah blah hello I must be going blah blah";
$newtext= preg_replace("!.*?(hello.*going).*!","$1",$text);
echo $newtext;
Thank you all.

Is there a way I can be sure of the syntax?

"!.*?(hello.*going).*!",  // the pattern which - I think - reads as follows:

!.*? //
do not use any character or characters before the grouping of hello

(hello.*going) //
get the grouping of hello and any character after that word to going

.*! //
do not use any character or characters after the grouping of going - not
sure why the exclamation is at the end if it is a negation symbol.

Please advise.

Thank you.

"$1", // the grouping
$text // the original string

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