Just a quick update:

It seems to only be a problem with Internet Explorer on the PC. Both IE
& Safari on MacOSX work as expected.

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Not sure if this is a PHP or Browser issue but here is my problem:


I have a site that has a members section. In the news area, when a user
clicks the link for an article, it pops open a new window a requests the
article via a PHP script.


What's happening is that when the new window pops up, the script isn't
getting the session info properly. I changed it so that the page opens
up in the main window instead of a new one and it works fine.


I presume this is because the browser is not sending the session ID to
the script when opening the new window. Does anyone know of a way for me
to fix this without embedding the session ID in the URL?


I thought the only criteria that the browser used when deciding if to
send a Session ID or not was if the page is located at the same domain


P.S. Its Internet Explorer 6 I am using.



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