Windows update doesn't fix the problem. I keep my system updated 100% of
the time.

I no one has mentioned getting it to work on Windows XP. That is what I
am using, Windows XP Professional. Maybe the problem is confined to XP.

Here is the EXACT IE version that I am using:


I have a few other machine in the building that have other Versions of
M$ Windows on them, I will give those a try and let you know how it

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> If, as Chris wrote, this is indeed a feature/bug of
> IE, then it must be
> configurable somewhere, though I'm lost as to where
> that might be.
> Does anyone have any ideas how this could be
> controlled via IE's
> settings?

I've experienced a similar problem on a php based
system I use. I don't know what their code looks like.
I think its an IE issue though - windows update always
fixes the problem for me. 


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