I need to keep the same session between several php servers, so I decided to
go with msession.

Apache(2.0.47), php(4.3.3) and msession(the latest downloaded last week) are
all installed on both of my Linux servers (both RedHat 7.2). When I test
them independently, all seems to work well, Gooood :)

Now, I am testing the interaction of 2+ servers working together. From
SERVERA I create and echo the my SID using "echo session_start(); echo
session_id();echo $SID;", and then I follow a link (within the same browser
session) to SERVERB and then do the exact same 3 calls.

They give me different $SID ???

I was expecting the same $SID for both SERVERX's, since they should get
their SID from the msession server... right???

If my assumption is right, then what am I missing? they both point (in
php.ini) to the same 'session.save_path' to the msession server and both
have msession as the 'session.save_handler'.

My Client is IE 6.0.2800.

Thanks in advance,

Guillaume Dupuis

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