Novice Question: I would like to create a set of pages that could use some
kind of logic to have "previous - next buttons "so that when the button was
clicked it would automatically go to the next page - or the previous page.

I know very little about PHP ...  however, I am hoping that there is some
kind of preset " open source" php code that I might be able to use.

I can envision something like this:

- An 'include page' that might store an array of the list of pages such as:

start array...

pos1 = page1.htm
pos2 = page17.htm
pos3 = page5.htm

stop array...

- then  a variable could be set for the current page such as:

thispage = 2  - Place on the array equals position 2 (page17.htm)

then the next button would  add 1 to the current place on the array- (pos3)

-  and the previous button would be minus 1 place on the array - (pos1)

... that type of thing

Q:  Is there any "open source" code template that I can check out like this?

Thanks - RevDave

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