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> I know very little about PHP ...  however, I am hoping that there is some
> kind of preset " open source" php code that I might be able to use.

There is the Pear pagination package which can do this, although not
quite in the way you want it done in your example. Search pear.php.net
for it if you want.

> - An 'include page' that might store an array of the list of pages such as:

> start array...

> pos1 = page1.htm
> pos2 = page17.htm
> pos3 = page5.htm
> etc.....

> stop array...

> - then  a variable could be set for the current page such as:

> thispage = 2  - Place on the array equals position 2 (page17.htm)

Can I take it from this example that your pages should not be in
sequence then? I.e. instead of going page1, page2, page3, instead they
should go page1, page17, page5, etc?

If so, why? :)


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