Hello gang,

First of all, yes I searched the mailing list's archive.

My problem is very simple:
I have an object that's definately called with every page request.
It's pretty much the same for every unregistered/anonymous user.
And it's not small. Alot of attributes are being set from DB queries etc.

Now my idea was to do some sort of caching with PHP to speed things up.
So I was wondering if anybody had experiences on this ...

Of course, I considered using serialize(), but it seemed to me as if
it could cause even more lagging since PHP requires the class to
unserialize the object correctly. Then I would end up reading the
class file, reading the searialized object and unserializing it. A 100
simple DB queries might be done in the same time or at least not much

Could it be that I'm looking at the wrong place? Should it be more
like caching the queries or something similar?

Thank you very much for everyone's effort in advance.

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