>> Ive coded in both PHP and ASP and in both OO and function oriented.
Ultimately, i find functionally oriented PHP to be the best ... what do
other people think?

Having learnt how to program using Basic when I was 8, I had to unlearn a
lot of things as I moved from Basic to Pascal (what? I can't just Goto
wherever I want to?) then to C (a point-what?) and then a self-imposed exile
from programming only to rediscover it with Actionscripting (Flash) and
Lingo (Director) before trying out Python and finally loving PHP!

Why all this? Well it kinda charts my move from unplanned-write-as-you
top-down programming to function-based programming to object-oriented (which
is something I thought I had missed the boat on during the time I stopped
programming). Although it took a while for me to get my head around it my
favorite has to be Object Oriented. It's shocking to see my own
transformation from someone who would rather write hours of code then adapt
someone else's code to someone who'd rather scour the net looking for a
ready-made class that can then be extended.

Although PHP is not a real object oriented language, I still prefer using
the oo logic whenever possible. Although I guess there are times when you
can't use classes in PHP (has anyone been able to create a custom session
handler *class*, for example?.. how would you set up the
session_set_save_handler that takes strings to point to the various handler
functions from within a class?) I try to whenever I can. I think the words I
love most lately are abstract, modular, and portable and though it usually
takes lots more planning and perhaps a little bit more time spent conding at
first for those adjectives to apply to your code, I believe it's definitely
worth it!

OK, ok, I won't write to the list again first thing after I get up... I sure
can ramble!

    New Media Producer, Kismia, Inc.
    Adj. Prof., American University

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