Andrew Halliday wrote:

>Ive coded in both PHP and ASP and in both OO and function oriented.
>Ultimately, i find functionally oriented PHP to be the best ... what do
>other people think?

As much classes/objects as possible, imo.  'functions' by themselves are 
OK for smaller stuff,
but when you start getting larger projects, and need to make changes - 
heaven help you, unless
you're smart enough to have made most/all of your parameters passed into 
the functions into one
big array.

having multiple function calls in various places like

$x = calculateFreight($sku,$state)

when you then need to add 'weight' as a parameter is a pain.

It's more of a pain if I have to remember what order the parameters go 
in - I have to do

$x = calculateFreight($sku,$state,$weight);

$x = calculateFreight($sku,$weight,$state);

else my function will be problematic.  Being able to do something like

$x = new item();
$x->weight= 1;
$x->state = 2;
$x->sku = 3;

without worrying about the order of the parameters helps a lot, imo.

To each his own tho.

Michael Kimsal
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