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I'm scripting a light-weight, low volume signup registry for a running club. Folks sign up to volunteer for events and the like. There will generally be a handful of signup registries at any one time. A typical registry will only contain 50 to 100 names. Each registry is only in existence for a month or so.

I really don't see the advantage of using a real DB [e.g., mySQL,] for this. Don't need any special searching, etc.

Am thinking of using a simple serialized array file for each registry; or, using Pear Cache_lite. Cache_lite has several nice functions I can take advantage of. In spite of its name, it can be configured to be permanent.

I'd just go ahead and use Cache_lite; but, I'm always reluctant to use a Pear package for fear it may not be updated for for future php releases, etc. I aways aim to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Anyone had experience with Cache_Lite? Anyone have an opinion on the alternatives or maybe another storage approach?

Thanks, Al........

Personally, I find working with files more difficult than using a database. Sure, the searching functions are an overkill for what you're doing, but you don't have to use them either.

Think of a dB as just a filing system where you don't have to keep track of paths.

Plus, at some future date, you may want people to logon to their accounts and register for any events without having to fill in the forms again and again with their name and address.

Make it easy for both you and your users.




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