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Al wrote:
I'm scripting a light-weight, low volume signup registry for a running club. Folks sign up to volunteer for events and the like. There will generally be a handful of signup registries at any one time. A typical registry will only contain 50 to 100 names. Each registry is only in existence for a month or so.

I really don't see the advantage of using a real DB [e.g., mySQL,] for this. Don't need any special searching, etc.

Am thinking of using a simple serialized array file for each registry; or, using Pear Cache_lite. Cache_lite has several nice functions I can take advantage of. In spite of its name, it can be configured to be permanent.

I'd just go ahead and use Cache_lite; but, I'm always reluctant to use a Pear package for fear it may not be updated for for future php releases, etc. I aways aim to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Anyone had experience with Cache_Lite? Anyone have an opinion on the alternatives or maybe another storage approach?

Thanks, Al........

AdoDB + SQL = easier to maintain than a half dozen custom storage interfaces..

I don't really have any custom storage interfaces. To create a new signup registry, we simply place a file in the topic directory [e.g., /10Krace/Volunteers.php] that contains one line of code that includes the operational scripts.

require_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/signups/commonReg.php';

commonReg.php takes care of everything and the signup's ID is simply "/10Krace/Volunteers"

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