At 9:45 AM -0600 2/16/09, Shawn McKenzie wrote:
tedd wrote:
 At 9:56 AM +0100 2/16/09, Jochem Maas wrote:
 for any reasonable number of items my tests show tedd's version
 pisses on McKenzies from a great height (note that I actually
 optimized Mckenzies variant by halfing the number of calls to

 ROTFLOL.   <-- I seldom say that!

Haha!  Yes, I was trolling and got a good one from Jochem!  I would say

 From a great height!!! Now that's funny!

Too funny.  I'll have to remember to work this in to some conversation
today at work.  ;-)

It's good that you take things like that.

I've been hammered by people before and it's always nice to see the humor and not take offense.

One of the best insults I ever received was right after the OK bombing incident and I was speaking to a group of people and one said "I wonder how big a crater you'll leave if we doused you down with diesel fuel?" -- meaning I was full of fertilizer. I almost died laughing.

I have several others. :-)



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