Hello list.

Recently we had some serious discussion on local boards.

I prefer calling PHP as Web Framework of C and C++

if you had a time for this fruitless discussion. Please send your opinions.



I think that you can't assume that PHP is a C framework for the web, basically because when you use a framework (or API or whatever label you choose to use for describing it) in a language it just abstracts some aspects of the language making it "easier" to code.

Since you can't compile PHP (as you would probably need to do with a C API) and since you don't even need C to write something in PHP you can't call it a C or C++ framework.

In addition to this there is an API for C that can be used to code web applications and it is known as CGI (it is provided by many languages)

PHP is coded in C and some things are similar in syntax and style but this is the only relation I can find between the two.


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