I didn't mention that it was a C specific framework, I just said IMO
it was similar to a framework for the web. It's an opinion so I can't
be "wrong". In my opinion earlier versions of PHP *could* (not should
but could) be described as a framework in essence, however I wouldn't
say that anymore since it has evolved so much. In your opinion I may
be completely wrong but that's the idea of an opinion.

I think that this is what you said:

I prefer calling PHP as Web Framework of C and C++

Btw opinions and personal styles are always welcome.

Besides, if you cross reference your description of a framework:
"basically because when you use a framework (or API or whatever label
you choose to use  for describing it)  in a language it just abstracts
some aspects of the language making it "easier" to code".

That's my point meaning that PHP is not exactly abstracting C as other frameworks happen to abstract PHP.

With the description of the original PHP:
"It had Perl-like variables, automatic interpretation of form
variables and HTML embedded syntax. The syntax itself was similar to
that of Perl, albeit much more limited, simple, and somewhat

That of course was PHP and you probably have a point.

Then surely what is described is just a way of abstracting parts of
the language to make it "easier" to code.

This was mentioned about a framework not PHP of course since PHP is abstracting parts of any other language.


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