I should mention that I did try the ionCube online encoder, which I think is a great idea... but its runtimes failed to load on both of my test systems, requiring editing of php.ini. That's over the top for my users. I need something that's rock-solid and that will never require my users to have to know anything or do anything special (they are business people, not developers or server admins).

On Feb 16, 2009, at 9:10 AM, Brian Dunning wrote:

Is there a cheaper alternative to Guard/Optimizer? I have a single small PHP file that is part of a larger solution I sell, and I want it to be protected - and it has to be a runtime so it will run on anyone's standard PHP server. Zend's $600 was a little bit of sticker shock. Any alternatives?

There is this pecl extension that I tested once and it works:


Your users won't need to do anything special if you encode the PHP projects that you host (in case I am getting this right). But there are no magical solutions to anything.


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