Brian Dunning schreef:
> I should mention that I did try the ionCube online encoder, which I
> think is a great idea... but its runtimes failed to load on both of my
> test systems, requiring editing of php.ini. That's over the top for my
> users. I need something that's rock-solid and that will never require my
> users to have to know anything or do anything special (they are business
> people, not developers or server admins).

use a legal contract.
or make the functionality dependent on a webservice hosted on
your server (and stick the meat of the functionality on your end).
or get a client you can trust not to rape you.

> On Feb 16, 2009, at 9:10 AM, Brian Dunning wrote:
>> Is there a cheaper alternative to Guard/Optimizer? I have a single
>> small PHP file that is part of a larger solution I sell, and I want it
>> to be protected - and it has to be a runtime so it will run on
>> anyone's standard PHP server. Zend's $600 was a little bit of sticker
>> shock. Any alternatives?

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