so, let me see if i understand the situation. you could load a webpage from
localhost. then you set up networking to access the internet thru a windows
machine acting as a gateway. now you can't load a page from localhost?

is localhost still your machine? can you load a page from

again, what does your routing table look like?

on 7/2/01 3:29 PM, Daniel Goldin (E-mail) at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Appreciate your help. Yes I can ping localhost. I do believe I can solve the
> php problem once I solve the networking problem as I've discovered that the
> prepend path was set incorrectly.
>> for your network problem, it seems that you didn't really achieve
>> 'networking linux box to windows host' correctly. can you currently ping
>> localhost? what does your route table look like?

 -- mike cullerton

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