Very wise words or wisdom Ken. And Ernie, I just gave you most of the
renowned places where freelancers or even large companies bid for works.
There are programmers like you and as Ken said, even thousand times better
programmers than you who are going along the way. Its a wonder how you do
not know those names. You just gotta be friends with the google.

A software engineer doesnt mean that he is god. And web developer doesnt
mean unemployed. I and my team is member with lot other freelancing sites
and have local and overseas permanent clients for whom we working remotely.
Starting from making a blog to making crawler or video upload/download site.
Or, real-estate sales, rental with Map API integrated search results. Or,
say Facebook applications or iPhone apps!

We just need to learn fast the best of the technologies with the best of the
methods and yet we have to be business oriented.


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2009/2/26 phphelp -- kbk <>

> Hello -- - Ernie -- -- -
> Consulting work is a business. Work doesn't fall from the sky. You have to
> figure out what you do. Not good enough to say "I'm a programmer" -- that
> and a dollar will get you half-a-cup of coffee at McDonalds.
> Figure out where your strengths are. Figure out where you have or can
> cultivate contacts. Spread the word. If you don't have a demonstrable
> portfolio of projects from your employer or clients that you can show or
> discuss with others, you had better develop one. Do you have an industry
> that you know more about than the average developer? Do you have graphics
> skills, too? Do you understand how a business works?
> Every unemployed programmer calls himself a Web Developer. Every unemployed
> graphic designer calls himself a Web Designer. People who have been doing
> one or both for *years* call themselves the same thing. Most potential
> customers have no clue who is good or bad. Can you do the design work, or
> just the programming work. This isn't a place to get work; (based on the
> nature of your questions) there are 100s of folks here with more experience
> and savvy than you, and I bet every one of the independents have room for
> more clients.
> I have been in this business for 20 years. If you are flailing around
> asking naive questions like this, you probably are better off with a job.
> Maybe 10 years ago, someone with mid-level skills and no business acumen
> could be a successful "web developer" just because the industry was growing
> so fast and there were so few people with real skills. Now the situation is
> the opposite: there are lots and lots of people with skills. There are still
> jobs around, but you have to work harder to get them.
> If you want to be in business, you need to think like a business person
> (who just happens to have a technical set of skills).
> Good luck,
> Ken
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