Ooops, I forgot one.

0. Invest some time studying the top 25 errors list from either SANS
<> or CWE <>.
Make sure you don't have _any_ of them in your code. (This list includes
and extends the OWASP guidelines

Bob McConnell

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From: Ernie Kemp
> It seems to me that there must to other places a freelance Web
> fines work.
> How do you find work in PHP Web programming? 
> Work a company, through this site and from God.
> I wish to know more than handing out a business card.

1. Create a personal/business page on a local server. That page serves
as an advertisement and a sample of what you can do. Include a data
entry form for prospects to request your services and make sure it's not
susceptible to HTML or SQL injection.

2. Check with any local ISP or web server providers. See if they have a
referral service or help wanted section for customers that want help
updating or creating pages. While you're talking to them, find out what
services they offer and what tools are available on their servers. Make
sure you know how to use them.

3. Talk to the folks at Kinko's, Staples, etc. to see if they get
requests for help with web pages. Possibly they can pass out your cards
for you.

In my case there were two events that directed me into web development.
First, about 15 years ago I helped two friends set up a web site with a
specific purpose. It was all Perl, CGI and flat files at the time, but
it was useful experience. The effort died after three years because we
couldn't figure out how to make it pay for itself.

Second, after 20 years of designing embedded communications devices and
programming credit card terminals, my employer decreed all of those
devices to be legacy. But they had started moving some of those same
services over to the web. So I became a web developer. I am now doing
OJT for XHTML, CSS, Postgres, PHP, PCI DSS, Apache and RedHat Linux; all
at the same time. I have done three releases of a product that was
already online, but still have a long way to go. I figure another two
years to complete my apprenticeship.

Bob McConnell

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