From: Boyd, Todd M.
> Well, take care of all of your logic before you display anything. It's
> not that difficult, to be honest... especially if you're already using
> an MVC design pattern/framework or a template system.

That's an interesting string of buzzwords, but it carries no meaning for
me. Would you care to elucidate further?

As far as the code I am working with, I inherited over 160 files of
mixed HTML and PHP, where the logic and presentation are intermingled
(mangled) throughout. My initial toolset was TextPad4, WinSCP and Putty
on a WinXP workstation, with Apache on RHEL 5 as the server. (The
original coder used vi on a clone of the server until they took it away
from him.) The chances of re-implementing the entire project are roughly
equivalent to a zero with the edges rubbed out. I already have a six
month to-do list just adding the new features already requested by
current clients.

Bob McConnell

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