I have a list of some 60 categories for a book database and am wondering
what would be the best approach for inserting and selecting the data.
My choices are to
(1.)simply use one field in a books table and enter the categories for
each book separated by a comma (or whatever) as a text field and then
use full text search to select the category(ies) for each book (out of
the 60+ categories any one book might have maybe up to 3 or 4 categories.
This seems like it might be cumbersome for selecting as there could be a
rather lengthy search (if there would be 10,000 books or more).
(2.) use an intersecting table with foreign keys linking the categories
to the books.

Now, inserting the categories for method 1 is simply a matter of
entering the categories in the field as text. But entering the
categories for method 2 would be a rather lengthy and complicated
conditional script using a dropdown select table to link the categories
and the book through the 3rd table.

Or is there some other magical solution? I hope my explanation is not
too confusing... :-)


Phil Jourdan --- p...@ptahhotep.com

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