Andrew Ballard wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 11:50 AM, PJ <> wrote:
>> I have a list of some 60 categories for a book database and am wondering
>> what would be the best approach for inserting and selecting the data.
>> My choices are to
>> (1.)simply use one field in a books table and enter the categories for
>> each book separated by a comma (or whatever) as a text field and then
>> use full text search to select the category(ies) for each book (out of
>> the 60+ categories any one book might have maybe up to 3 or 4 categories.
>> This seems like it might be cumbersome for selecting as there could be a
>> rather lengthy search (if there would be 10,000 books or more).
>> Or
>> (2.) use an intersecting table with foreign keys linking the categories
>> to the books.
>> Now, inserting the categories for method 1 is simply a matter of
>> entering the categories in the field as text. But entering the
>> categories for method 2 would be a rather lengthy and complicated
>> conditional script using a dropdown select table to link the categories
>> and the book through the 3rd table.
>> Or is there some other magical solution? I hope my explanation is not
>> too confusing... :-)
>> TIA
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>> Phil Jourdan ---
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> I always go with #2 for this type of relationship. It may take a
> little extra processing to insert, but you'll reap the benefits when
> it comes to selecting items. Using an index on the relation table will
> usually be much faster than substring matching on a delimited value
> stored in a text field, it is easily expandable without the
> possibility of later having to enlarge the text field to accommodate
> longer and more subjects, and it avoids logic errors that result in
> invalid results when differentiating between subjects like "Men's
> Health" and "Women's Health" within the list.
> Andrew
Thanks, Andrew. I rather suspected that was the case and am now much
relieved. Now for the horrible task of working out the category
insertion... etc. etc.


Phil Jourdan ---

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