Michael A. Peters wrote:
> PJ wrote:
>> Gee, thanks. So, when was I supposed to have used this alias? Hell, I
>> can live with my ignorance. What's a POSIX system and why is it a POSIX
>> - a language, I think I heard....
> cd ~
> brings you to your home directory.
> cd ~/stuff
> brings you to the stuff sub-directory of your home directory.
> [mpet...@athens ~]$ echo ~
> /home/mpeters
> [mpet...@athens ~]$
> Notice the tilde in the prompt - tells me I am in my home directory
> when I issued the command.
> POSIX is not a programming language, it is a specification that allows
> for some compatability between different operating systems.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/POSIX
> -=-
> With respect to value of issuing shell commands from within php - I'm
> sure there are some legitimate uses. I use to do it all the time but
> now I really try not to because it makes the php less portable.
> IE not only is it now tied to the php modules that I use, but features
> of the operating system it is running on top of.
> In some cases it may really be necessary - IE when calling the TeX
> system to generate a document, or when writing a search engine capable
> of indexing not html/xml formats (IE pdf, MS Word, etc.) you may
> really need to use the shell of the underlying operating system, but I
> think one really should try to find a "pure php" way whenever possible.
Thank you, thank you. In the defense of clear, straight-forward
explanations with no attitude or preconceptions about my ignorance; this
is great. You just made my day. It was worth the wait. :-)


Phil Jourdan --- p...@ptahhotep.com

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