Hi all

I've got search facility (php-mysql) which is very simple. If i search 
for 'dog' it will find any records containing words 'dog' or 'dogs' or 
'dogowner' etc.  But if I search for 'dogs', words 'dog' and 'dogowner' 
will not be found.  This is a classic case so there must be a solution to 
it but I cannot find one.  I tried to do something like
if word is 'dogs' then I do the search,
then break word 'dogs' into an array and check if the last element is an
's'. If it is remove it, reconstrust the string,which will give 'dog', 
and do search for that too.
Then display results.  Well I connot find a way of breaking a string into 
an array. How do I break 'mynameis' into an array of 8 elements?
This has got loopholes but still it is better than what I have now.



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