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> Ooooh, boy.... now this is really serious... >:o
> I think your ignorance will be forgiven, maybe! And this is not meant
> disparagingly but you'd better find out about Monsanto and corn and how
> they are probably the greatest destructors of the the environment and
> our own bodies? Google it and get a hold of some books, like try Michael
> Pollan; do you have any idea of what Monsanto does and to whom and how?
> Do you know how corn is destroying whole economies of countries? Corn is
> sweeping continents because of human greed - 

And it's yummy, too!

> it is being used to create
> all sorts of artificial food ingredients and even to produce petrol
> (oil) substitutes... 

And this is bad why? High fructose corn syrup is its own food group!

While you're ranting about megacorporations, you might want to have a
shot at pharmaceutical companies, after reading the lists of side
effects for any prescription drug you care to name.

> even your own body is probably so full of corn
> derivatives that it is surprising that you haven't turned into a corn
> cob by now -- especially if you are not paying attention, and I mean
> great attention, to what you eat... like MacDos and pre-packaged
> prepared foods... 

McDonald's is my *favorite* fast food! Are you saying there's something
less than healthy about it?

Sorry, I used to live in LA, and I had health food people up to here.
They were the sickest people I knew. So I took it as my personal mission
to smoke, drink and eat as much crappy food as I could just to prove I'd
outlast them.


Paul M. Foster

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