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>>>> Daniel Brown wrote:
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>>>>>> Right on.  Good comments.
>>>>>> No offense taken and none intended.
>>>>>> I am enoying the list and will continue to participate, if i may.
>>>>>> I have learned a great deal already and really do appreciate the help.
>>>>>     So you mentioned your involvement in television production and
>>>>> briefly touched on cooking shows and such.... what brought you into
>>>>> the insanity of web programming?  New stage in life, or specifically
>>>>> to work on your daughter's site? 
>>>> Her necessity and my curiosity coupled with an interesting challenge. :-)
>>>> After this, there's the other site - that's
>>>> just a start for now... we're aiming for a really great site on food
>>>> that will be instuctional as well as enlightening for all to learn how
>>>> to "really" deal with great food - what it is all "really" about take a
>>>> look at the link below the signature. You might learn something about
>>>> vanilla.
>>>> BTW, we'll be looking for great programmers and designers who will want
>>>> to participate in the "adventure" (as that is what it will be) - we'll
>>>> surely be doing this as a non-profit thing and hope to develop something
>>>> profitable along the way. The startup will require dedication and some
>>>> time with the hope of worthwhile earnings once things are rolling.
>>>> Requirements are: love of food (the real, natural stuff), a hate for
>>>> Monsanto, corn
>>> What?  Monsanto makes great weed killers and what the hell is wrong with
>>> corn?!?!  Have you seriously never roated a cob in the husk over a wood
>>> fire and then submerged the cob into a vat of melted butter?  Plus pigs,
>>> cows and chickens eat it.  Mmmm...
>> Ooooh, boy.... now this is really serious... >:o
>> I think your ignorance will be forgiven, maybe! And this is not meant
>> disparagingly but you'd better find out about Monsanto and corn and how
>> they are probably the greatest destructors of the the environment and
>> our own bodies? Google it and get a hold of some books, like try Michael
>> Pollan; do you have any idea of what Monsanto does and to whom and how?
>> Do you know how corn is destroying whole economies of countries? Corn is
>> sweeping continents because of human greed - it is being used to create
>> all sorts of artificial food ingredients and even to produce petrol
>> (oil) substitutes... even your own body is probably so full of corn
>> derivatives that it is surprising that you haven't turned into a corn
>> cob by now -- especially if you are not paying attention, and I mean
>> great attention, to what you eat... like MacDos and pre-packaged
>> prepared foods... just think for a minute: according to the current
>> business models in just about everything including and especially the
>> food industry... how do you think they boost their profits... certainly
>> not by raising prices... nooooooh, that would not be cool... they just
>> downgrade the quality of the ingredients and the workers so that  if
>> ;you are not eating shit by the time it gets to your enteron (that is a
>> word - one that Enron paid some 6 million smackers fo an agency and then
>> found out that that is the the entire digestive tract right from one
>> input hole to the output hole) :-D , it is a miracle....
>> glad to have this opportunity to rile - that is exactly the kind of
>> thing that we want to do with the site that we are starting to
>> develop... to destroy ignorance about food - to enllighten, inform and
>> teach to have a greater society of well fed and healthy individuals...
>> don't foget, you are what you eat - the name escapes me at the moment,
>> but it was a great French chef of the 18th century who said that...
>> I could go on at great length on that subject... but I have to goet some
>> work done...
> Not ignorance but indifference to some of what you shout :-)
> I don't enjoy/eat macdonalds or other fast food and use pre-packaged
> stuff on rare occasion.  We buy fresh ingredients from local meat
> markets/farmers markets etc.  This includes corn.  Corn is yummy,
> chickens, pigs and cows eat corn and chickens, pigs and cows are yummy!
>  Hell, cornbread is yummy!
> I do however cringe at the practice of burning our food in internal
> combustion engines.
> As for monsanto, I don't know much about them, but I know they have many
> different products/businesses.  The only one I use is roundup (I think
> this is monsanto).  It's great to kill the weeds in the cracks in the
> driveway and sidewalks.  Also, if it's not windy I use it in the mulched
> flower beds and sometimes in the areas filled with river rocks.
> I guess I should read more about it.  Did this come about before or
> after wal-mart started ruining the planet?  What about the communists
> contaminating our precious bodily fluids?
> Whatever you do, please, please, please, for the love of all that is
> holy, please, do not vilify potatoes!  ...or the Irish :-)
Haven't had so much fun in a long time...
Please do read up on Roundup... you will be horrified... and on Monssanto..
start with Michael Pollan - he has 2 excellent books about food - real
As for the Irish, theyre great...
Did you ever try a 7 course gourmet Irish meal?
A spud and a sixpack.... ;-)
I love potatoes. There are something like 306 varieties... and we only
see two in the market (here, at least) white and yellow. How stupid
people can be sometimes. Just ask your local farmer or reseller what
kind of potatoes he is selling... the tastes, textures color and uses
are absolutely wonderful. :-)

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