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I have a script which updates some database by loading information from
external websites.
For example, it has a table of website addresses, and it updates their HTML
source on the database.
I am using cronjobs to activate the script every 8 hours.

The problem is the server I am running my script on has SAFE MODE ON, which
prevents me from changing the max_execution_time or memory limit.

I talked with the server-owner and he changed the max_execution_time to 120
seconds, But still - its not enough. Either the time runs out or the memory.

Do you have any idea how can I solve this problem? I thought about opening
multiple sessions with fsockopen with timeout of one second to the script it
self - but its complicated, so first - is there any better solution?

Run the script a lot more often.

Have a db table of pending jobs.

Each script run does (say) 100, removes those from the db table.

Runs again, picks another 100.

Repeat until all done.

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