Firstly always cc the mailing list so others can add their own suggestions.

Also please don't put your reply at the top, it makes it very hard to follow what's going on. Put it underneath or inline (put comments after mine and put more later on).

????? ???? wrote:
Several problems....

First, I don't have cron jobs either (Using which limits me in the number of cron jobs). As I said, I am running the script every 8 hours.

Does your host not support cron jobs? Find another host - or find another cron provider that lets you run more frequently. There are others around.

If I'll "delete" the row from the db after *each* execution, then its 100 queries per page excluding the queries that already exists - a lot of resources,

No, it's not. A table with 100 rows is nothing, it's tiny. It takes longer for you to read this than it does for a db to process 100 rows.

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