PJ wrote:
And again, this works:
if (strlen($_POST["first_nameIN"]) == 0 ) {
            $obligatoryFieldNotPresent = 1; ...

this does not:

if (strlen($_POST["first_nameIN"]) > 0 ) &&
(strlen($_POST["last_nameIN"]) > 0 ) { echo $first_nameIN, " ",
else (echo "error";)}

But, $first_nameIn and $last_nameIN do echo their contents without the
if clause and we see that the first if clause does work... what am I
doing wrong, again?

Firstly please learn to indent your code (I don't care if this is just an example of your code, make it easier for everyone who's trying to help you). It's much easier to read this:

if (strlen($_POST["first_nameIN"]) > 0 ) &&
   (strlen($_POST["last_nameIN"]) > 0 ) {
      echo $first_nameIN, " ", $last_nameIN;
} else {
  echo "error";

If you want help we're not going to spend a long time reformatting your code to try and understand it.

Now to the problem.

Are both first_nameIN AND last_nameIN longer than 0 chars?


maybe you only filled in first_name or last_name but not both.

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