My mysql table contains data. But I don't know how to verify what
exactly is the data... is it an array, an integer, an alphanumeric
character or what?
vardump($whatever) returns null; the structure of the table is no null
for the column fields and has been filled like this:
$autoid = 1;
$test = $_POST['categoriesIN']; // this can be several selections from form
$tstring = implode(',' , $test);
echo $tstring.'<br />';
$insert_category = "INSERT INTO book_categories (book_id, categories_id)
VALUES ($autoid, $tstring.)";

retrieval of data is:

from SELECT ...snip...
LEFT JOIN book_publisher as abc ON = abc.bookID
LEFT JOIN publishers AS c ON abc.publishers_id =
LEFT JOIN book_categories AS d ON = d.book_id
LEFT JOIN categories AS e ON d.categories_id =

I have included the publisher stuff - it works, whereas the category
stuff does not...

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