On Mon, 2009-03-09 at 16:59 -0400, George Larson wrote:
> Hi everybody.
> The "problem" that I'm having is probably because I've got more of a Windows
> background -- and it isn't so much a problem as a point of curiosity.
> I've recently noticed that when I write a script that they seem to have
> different permissions when executed at the command line.  Two that I have
> written recently run just fine when you execute 'php scriptname.php' but
> they are unable, at least, to write the data if I browse to them on
> localhost.
> Am I imagining things?  If not, how would I properly make them able to run
> through a browser?
> Thanks!
> G
This is to do with the fact that the web browser runs as a different
user from you (usually apache, apache2 or wwwrun) What you could do is
make the directory where you want to write files with the script part of
a new group. Add the apache user to this group and you should then be
able to get it to run.


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