On Mon, Mar 09, 2009 at 05:36:05PM -0400, George Larson wrote:

> That's funny!
> I've been watching this and a few other lists (MySQL, local Linux Users'
> Group) for a few days - weeks and I had wondered why the PHP list seemed
> more hostile.  :)

Wow! This list is pretty cordial. I've been on some LUG lists where
drawing and quartering is the norm! SVLUG comes to mind, though I
haven't been on their list in a few years.

Actually, despite disagreements, there seems to be a mutual respect
amongst the list members here, and a congenial sense of humor. Extra
kudos to Dan for setting the tone of the list. His replies are generally
very helpful, his expression precise, and he's usually not wrong.

(Dan, make the check out to... ;-)


Paul M. Foster

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