shahrzad khorrami wrote:
Hi all :-)

I want to use of *soft phone* application in my php codes..First is it
possible? has php a module for this purpose?
if it hasn't... By the way I think I must use of something else such as a
java application in my php codes...
now how can I embed this application to my program? and do you know where I
can find this application source code?

Thanks in advance,
shahrzad khorrami

You should be able to obtain the source code to anything listed there and legally use it (so long as abide by the terms of the open source license for the project you use)

I don't know of any existing php modules for software phones, I suspect that's really beyond the scope of php (unless you are writing client side scripting, ala php-gtk).

I can't speak to integrating php with java. You can embed java applet in a web page, but I personally haven't a clue about how to make them talk to each other.

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