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> Hi all :-)
> I want to use of *soft phone* application in my php codes..First is it
> possible? has php a module for this purpose?
> if it hasn't... By the way I think I must use of something else such as a
> java application in my php codes...

i used to work at smoothstone ip communictations where i wrote a simple php
wrapper to a java client which communicated w/ a T6000 backend.  it was
pretty sweet, and once a php api was exposed, we started setting up cool
interfaces on the browser, like click to answer, etc.  so, there may not be
a native interface, but you can cetainly connect php one way or another.  in
the worst case, youd have to reverse engineer the protocol for w/e the pbx
system is you intend to interface w/.

> now how can I embed this application to my program? and do you know where I
> can find this application source code?

what sort of pbx do you intend to interface w/ ?


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