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2009/3/11 דניאל דנון <danondan...@gmail.com>

> From time to time, I usually get a message of "earn money from home" or
> things like that, and in the bottom, it says,
> "This email has been written and proved to be in compliance with the
> recently established can-spam act law in US. We are not provoking or
> forcing
> any person in any way to participate in our programs. To participate is
> your
> own decision and you carry the responsibility of taking further part in
> this
> promotion. Anyway, if you don't want to receive more good offers from us,
> you can simply Unsubscribe by sending us a notification email to
> out_of_the_l...@yahoo.com with a mail-subject and text "Unsubscribe me",
> and
> we will get your email out of our list within 10 days.

Mailiing list / group does it immediately, but here it takes 10 human days
to do so. out_of_the_list < name is not identical to the format yahoo has
for their groups. So, its a fooling way to get users mail in there and it
will add the mailer's address to their permanent spam DB :P

> This message is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and is solely for the individual or
> organisation to whom it is addressed. It may contain PRIVILEGED and
> CONFIDENTIAL information. If you are not the intended recipient, you are
> hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this
> communication and its contents is strictly prohibited. If you are not
> interested in the offered promotions, please just don't answer. If you
> think
> you have received this message and its contents in error, please delete it
> from your computer, or follow the unsubscribing procedure shown above."
> Can anyone explain, first,
> Why doesn't the usual PHP-MailingList-Footer appears?

Hmmmm, either they hack through the code to hide it or... what?

> Second, What is the "out_of_the_list" email thing all about? Will sending
> unsubscribe request there will really stop this spam?
> Thanks,
> Daniel

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