Hi Warren!
On Tue, 03 Jul 2001, Warren Brundage wrote:

> When I try to use PHP to send mail through qmail I get a "qmail-inject:
> fatal: read error".  I have read through the list and I have seen (and
> tried) the following solutions:
> 1. Put /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject into php.ini
instead of qmail-inject u can use the wrapper /var/qmail/bin/sendmail
and don't forget to specify '-t' too.

> 2. Ensured that all appropriate sendmail links exist
> 2. Also tried the permutations of sendmail, and sendmail default etc in
> php.ini.
> 3. Tried (temporarily!) adding apache (web-server is run under user
> apache, group apache) to root group (only for testing - not advisable
> permanent solution).
> 4. I don't have anything calling QMAILMFTFILE  but I am not sure where
> this is called from.  It doesn't show in printenv.  Maybe someone could
> clarify this?  But I tried adding QMAILMFTFILE=/tmp/.lists to my apache
> start-up file just in case. 
> 5. Added user apache   group apache in httpd.conf before modules are
> called.
> qmail functions well on my computer but it's not the problem in any case
> because the e-mail never enters the mail system.  The error mentioned
> above shows up in the Apache error-log.  PHP is also performing very
> well in every other capacity.
to test it try to popen()  and talk nice to it.

-- teodor

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