Banging my head against this one...

 - I have two forms on the same page
 - both forms are: action="<?php print $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" 
 - both forms gave unique ids
 - both forms have a hidden file of the type <input type="hidden" 
name="_add_new_module_details" value="1" /> which is checked directly below 
the form with an "if(array_key_exists('_add_new_module_details', $_POST)) 
{ ...}" method
 - first form is a file upload
 - 2nd form is a details submit
 - submit button on 2nd form is only 'turned on' (via AJAX) once the user 
has uploaded file file
 - 2nd form validated fields contents, via an onsubmit
 - after 2nd form successuly submitted, head off back to another page

In Internet Destroyer, the page works just fine (i.e., both forms fire as 

In the non-IE browsers I have tried (Firefox, Chrome, Opera), the first form 
uploads the file properly, the 2nd form's submit is 'turned on' by AJAX - 
BUT the submit button on the 2nd form doesn't seem to do anything - i.e., 
the onsubmit is not being triggered, etc, etc

help!   <smile>

Thanks in advance:

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