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> On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 3:18 AM, 9el <le...@phpxperts.net> wrote:
>>> It sounds like a script error rather than a PHP error. Use Firebug which
>>> will show you the HTML as it is updated by Javascript, so you can see
>>> where the problem is. I'm willing to bet that the Javascript code you
>>> are using is IE only.
>>> Yeah, php is never browser specific. It is rendered to HTML before 
>>> browser
>> can see it. So all browsers will react the same with PHP. But will differ 
>> on
>> the client sides like JavaScript.
> Also--INCLUDE YOUR CODE. Listing everything you do in pseudocode will
> do you absolutely no good for a problem like this, as it is no doubt a
> syntax error or a browser-javascript-compatibility issue. If we can't
> see the code, we can't point out the problem.
> Anyway, yeah--if it works in IE and not in FF, then it has nothing to
> do with PHP (directly). Change your JS.

Thanks, I will do that next time...

I have always been reticent to do that as:
(i) I felt people like yourself good enough to answer are not my code 
checkers, and
(ii) did not want to 'swamp' the newsgroup...

Will not worry about that now...

Thanks again...

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