2009/3/16 Payne <pa...@magidesign.com>

> I had a page working on my opensuse 11.0 32bit, had to upgrade to 11.1
> 64bit. I have two strange issues.
> The first my code is being display when I call the page, I looked at the
> logs and I don't see any errors that explain why this happen. I looked at my
> php.ini and I don't see anything different or any outstanding.
> In fact I put in place my old php.ini to see if I got the same issue and I
> didn't. What that one I am getting
> include(): Failed opening 'template/header.inc'
> Is there a way I can do like sh -x on a php page to see what is broke?

Check your include_path setting - my guess is that it doesn't include the
current directory (.).



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